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I dabble in the arts, mainly at Gray's School of Art and Glasgow. Here is  blog. Enjoy ya filthy animals.

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Anonymous: Don't respond to the nosy pricks, by doing that you are giving them the satisfaction of a response. If you want my advice, shut off tumblr for a while, turn on your favorite show and eat a muffin with some tea. Take a bit of time for yourself away from prying eyes. Of course you can feel free to ignore my advice and deal with it in a way that makes you happy. Just make sure that happiness is the same result.

This sounds like a plan


I just want peace and time and this is all I’m getting from everywhere. I don’t think it’s even been two weeks and it’s hurtful and disgusting. Everybody stop. Thank you.

Anonymous: Gordon's a cheater. He always will be. What did he do!?

Ha the most nosy

Anonymous: How did you get cheated on? Don't worry about it he's not worth it


Anonymous: What did you ex do

Much nosy

Anonymous: who cheated on you I'll fuck them up


Anonymous: What did Gordon do